29 April, 2013

Just Like Bubba Watson, You Too Can Own a Hover Golf Cart

Forbes Magazine
May 2013

By now you’ve almost certainly seen the viral video titled “Bubba’s Hover.” It caught the web by storm and it has 7.6 million hits on YouTube, captured over 17 days on the internet. But just in case, here it is.

After Oakley signed left-handed Bubba Watson in January, they wanted to make waves. So they paired the 2012 Masters winner up with the inventors/viral video specialists at Thinkmodo: James Percelay and Michael Krivicka. Watson, who had recently purchased the General Lee (of Dukes of Hazzard fame), worked with Thinkmodo to produce the world’s first hovercraft golf cart: the BW1, which can soar over both sand traps and water hazards and doesn’t damage grass. It was only meant to be a clever marketing ploy, but now requests for the cart are pouring in. One-hundred BW1s will be available for purchase beginning in July with an expected price of $65,000 each.

Note: Neoteric Hovercraft is the manufacturer of Bubba’s original BW1 as well as the one hundred limited edition replicas.

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