28 October, 2012

Neoteric Hovercraft in Russia

Neoteric is proud to have dealers, distributors and referring agents in more than fifteen nations advocating the use of the Hovertrek for rescue, recreational, commercial and military purposes. Christy Hovercraft (IVL Design), our agent in the Russian Federation, has been especially active in promoting Neoteric.

Recently, Christy Hovercraft participated in an international conference/exhibition held in Russia by EMERCON, the Chief Department of the Russian Emergency Services Ministry. EMERCON manages all civil defense and search and rescue operations in Russia. A focus of the event was the study of Russian and international experience in search and rescue operations using high-performance hovercraft, with an emphasis on their effectiveness in flood rescue operations and in adverse weather.

The last half of this video taken at the exhibition features a demonstration of the Neoteric Hovertrek's unusual maneuverability on shallow water and sand, due to its patented reverse thrust system: 

Igor V. Lavrov, President of Christy Hovercraft, reports, “The Hovertrek attracted great interest from senior governmental officials who took part in this conference. A Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation tested the Hovertrek’s controls and reverse thrust system himself. (The Council is the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly, the parliament of the Russian Federation.) Our products aroused great interest among the higher ranks of EMERCON. It was noted that Neoteric hovercraft are extremely mobile, amphibious, have a low-profile design, good ergonomics and low maintenance ... all beneficial attributes for emergency work.

The following Russian dignitaries were among those who expressed interest in the unique versatility of the Neoteric Hovertrek in rescue operations:

Yuri Leonidovich Vorobyov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation. Yuri Vorobyov is also a “Hero of the Russian Federation” and “Honored Rescuer” of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Artamonov, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations

Viktor Ryabishin, First Deputy Governor of the Vologda region

Shamsutdin Sharabutdinovich Dagirov, Director of the North-West Regional Emergency Center

Viktor Klimkin, Director of FSBI EMERCON, the Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection.

Igor Lavrov, President of Christy Hovercraft, presents the Neoteric Hovertrek
to government officials of the Russian Federation.

Igor Lavrov (wearing glasses) explains the Hovertrek's reverse thrust system to Yuri Leonidovich Vorobyov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation (seated in the hovercraft.)  Yuri Vorobyov is a "Hero of the Russian Federation and "Honored Rescuer" of the Russian Federation.

The Neoteric Hovertrek, third from left, is the lightest, quietest, and
most maneuverable production hovercraft in the industry.

All of us at Neoteric would like to express our appreciation to Igor and to Christy Hovercraft for their dedicated work in introducing Neoteric hovercraft throughout the Russian Federation.

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21 October, 2012

Award-winning scientist assists Neoteric Hovercraft

Today, Neoteric Hovercraft was honored with a visit by Dr. Rajpal Sirohi, a world-famous physicist, and his son, Dr. Jayant Sirohi, an award-winning aerospace engineer. Dr. Jayant Sirohi has offered to assist Neoteric in conducting advanced computer modeling of the complex aerodynamics found in the Hovertrek’s integrated lift/thrust ducting.

Below, Dr. Jayant Sirohi (left) studies the thrust duct outlet flow of a Hovertrek at the Neoteric factory, and indicates the onset of turbulence to company President Chris Fitzgerald (center) and Dr. Rajpal Sirohi (right):   

Neoteric founder Chris Fitzgerald has enjoyed a long friendship with Dr. Rajpal Sirohi. In the 1980s, when Fitzgerald was Rose-Hulman Institute’s first Entrepreneur in Residence, he served as an ambassador when visiting SICO in India, a company that was collaborating with Fitzgerald to manufacture hovercraft and components in India. Rose-Hulman asked Fitzgerald to travel to Madras, India to meet Dr. Rajpal Sirohi, who directed the School of Optics at the Madras Design Institute. It was during this visit that Fitzgerald first met the Sirohis' son, Jayant.

Dr. Rajpal Sirohi later affiliated with Rose-Hulman and moved to Terre Haute, IN for a time, after which he moved back to India. He subsequently returned to Terre Haute and is currently a Distinguished Scholar in the department of Physics and Optical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, recognized as the top undergraduate engineering school in the US for the last 14 years.

The Hovertrek is the most thoroughly tested and documented light hovercraft on the market. It is a privilege for us, and a benefit for our customers, to have prestigious engineers and researchers such as Dr. Jayant Sirohi involved in Neoteric’s quest for continuous product improvement.

Dr. Jayant Sirohi
Dr. Jayant Sirohi is Assistant Professor of Aerodynamics in the department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas at Austin. Previously, he was a Staff Engineer in the Advanced Concept group at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, where was involved with the conceptual design of next generation vertical take-off aircraft. His research interests include micro aerial vehicles and rotorcraft design.

 Dr. Rajpal Sirohi
Dr. Rajpal Sirohi is a Distinguished Scholar in the department of Physics and Optical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Among his numerous awards, he is the recipient of the Galileo Award from the International Commission of Optics, and the Albert Einstein Silver Medal presented by UNESCO for his contributions to science. Sirohi has published more than 234 papers in national and international journals and has authored/co-authored 13 books.

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