12 September, 2014

Are Hovercraft Going to the Dogs?

When Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald boarded his HoverTrek™ to participate in the Hoverclub of America’s Wabash Cannonball Cruise, he really ‘put on the dog’ – his 3-year-old poodle mix, named Zoe! (But be forewarned: if you refer to Zoe as Fitzgerald’s “pet”, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree; she prefers “HoverQueen”) …

“It’s raining cats & dogs!
Bring the HoverQueen her royal umbrella!” 
said Zoe as she withstood the weather.
This was Zoe’s first hovercraft cruise and she thoroughly enjoyed it, even during the rain. As befitting hover royalty, Zoe wore her earplugs without the least complaint as she cruised the historic Wabash River. She was so relaxed, the HoverQueen even napped on the return trip to Vincennes, Indiana, even though the river, at flood stage, was moving more than 5 mph.

But HoverQueen Zoe Fitzgerald isn’t the only canine who revels in hover cruising. Dogs may be man’s best friend but poodles, in particular, prefer hovercraft. You’ve all met Joey Meyers, the Official Hovercraft Training Centers HoverPup – a 4-year-old poodle mix …

Joey says, “I double dog dare you to have more fun in those airplanes than in my Neoteric Hovercraft!”
Zoe and Joey are simply following an historic trend – particularly in their choice of Neoteric Hovercraft. History shows that man’s best friend has always recognized the latest and greatest in vehicles. Back in 1903, when the Ford Motor Company was incorporated, a dog named Bud accompanied Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson and a mechanic named Crocker on the first U.S. transcontinental automobile trip. On their grueling ride through the rugged U.S. West - where there were no roads - Bud wore goggles during their entire journey in an open-top Winton touring car. Jackson and Crocker (and Bud) were hailed as heroes and inspired a generation of automobile enthusiasts.

In the U.S, Western Europe and China alone, there are more than 200 million households managed by dogs. Just imagine what could happen if the publicity hounds get the word out that the latest and greatest vehicle is the hovercraft - Bubba’s Hover could become Puppy’s Hover!

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