01 August, 2012

Boys Toys' Jenn Barlow flies a Neoteric Hovercraft

Wealth TV’s Boys Toys, hosted by Emmy-nominated Jenn Barlow, is all about showing you some mind blowing toys for big boys. Earlier this year, Jenn came to Neoteric to film “Hoosier Daddy”, an episode of Boys Toys featuring Neoteric recreational hovercraft. As the show’s promo describes, “Talk about a rush! This one-of-a-kind amphibious vehicle will have you re-evaluating your definition of the word ‘cool’.”

After spending time with Neoteric founder Chris Fitzgerald, Jenn said, “When it comes to hovercraft, this man knows it all!” Watch the episode below and see her learn hands-on how to “get over the hump and fly this bad boy.”