10 October, 2011

Coming soon: Neoteric on WealthTV's "Boys Toys"

The Neoteric Recreational Hovertrek is in excellent company ... right up there with Rolls Royce, Lazzara Yachts, Quicksilver Ultralight Aircraft, Magic Powerboats, Aqua Jet Jetbikes and Zero Motorcycles, to name a few.

What do these vehicles have in common? In a word, status. WealthTV, the exclusive cable television network, has bestowed top-of-the-line status on them all by selecting them to be featured on its popular program Boys Toys with TV host/actress/model Jenn Barlow.

WealthTV is a high definition American cable television network devoted to taking viewers on a journey of how wealth is achieved, used and enjoyed. The network is carried by cable and satellite service providers around the globe; it is also available via Verizon FiOS and 24/7 live streaming on Roku.

Check back here on the Neoteric blog or on our website for the upcoming program's air date. In the meantime, enjoy a brief preview with photos taken during the recent filming here at Neoteric in Terre Haute ...
Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald readies for launch on the Wabash River two of the three craft used in the filming.
From left, Maintenance Supervisor Ryan Pfister, Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald, and Flight Instructor Steve Stafford strike a pose before launching three Neoteric craft on the river.
Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald hovers WealthTV cameraman Todd Metcalf across a sandbar in the Wabash River.
The crew sets up to film an illustration of how the hovercraft's environmental footprint is so gentle that it can hover over delicate eggs without damaging them.
It's a wrap! The cast and crew pose for a final shot at the end of a day of filming. From left: Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald; Boys Toys host Jenn Barlow; Neoteric Flight Instructor Steve Stafford; Neoteric VP Filip Przybysz; and WealthTV cameraman Todd Metcalf.

Learn more about Neoteric Recreational hovercraft ...

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