02 April, 2011

The Neoteric Military LCAC Training Hovercraft

The Neoteric Military HoverTrek™ LCAC Trainer was recently demonstrated in both the United States and in South Korea. This specialty military hovercraft is engineered as a training apparatus for LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) pilots and navigators.

Here, the Trainer was launched in Terre Haute, Indiana for a demonstration. A pilot instructor in the starboard front seat and a hovercraft radar navigation instructor in the rear seat instruct and evaluate their respective students in the port seats ...

And here, in South Korea, the Trainer was introduced to U.S. and South Korean Generals during a joint military exercise. The Neoteric craft was also used to demonstrate the concept and feasibility for dragging plastic fuel pipeline over tidal mudflats …

In the U.S., Navy and Marine LCAC pilots and navigators are currently trained using simulators, followed by final training in actual LCACs. In contrast, military aircraft pilots are first trained in light aircraft and simulators, then in heavy aircraft. Applying this standard protocol for aircraft pilot training to LCAC training would significantly reduce training costs and improve training quality. Light hovercraft such as the Neoteric Military HoverTrek™ LCAC Trainer have an extremely low hourly operating cost as compared to that of heavy Hovercraft like the LCAC. The basic operational principles, however, are identical for both.

In addition to offering a vastly superior cost/benefit ratio for the U.S. Department of Defense than the training programs currently in use, the Neoteric Military HoverTrek™ LCAC Trainer can serve as an inexpensive means of vetting or qualifying future LCAC pilots and navigators. And, since Neoteric craft capture public attention, such a program will serve as a public relations and marketing tool to boost the success of military recruiting efforts.

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