22 February, 2015

Top-rated Hovercraft at a Rock-bottom price

Have you always wanted a hovercraft for recreation, but think you can’t afford one? Are you a first responder whose department could use a hovercraft to make your water, mud and ice rescue operations faster and safer, but enough funding isn’t available? Do you own a business that could use a hovercraft – or could benefit from major publicity like Bubba’s Hover received?

If cost is holding you back, here’s how you can move forward: The Neoteric Hovercraft Trade-In Showroom makes it possible for you to buy a top-rated Neoteric HoverTrek™ at a rock-bottom price. The Showroom offers a variety of new and pre-owned hovercraft that we’ve used for demos or training or that our customers have traded in.

Check out this week’s featured Showroom hovercraft …

4-Passenger Neoteric HoverTrek™ Deluxe Model 3877

This excellent Model 3877 HoverTrek™, a customer trade-in, has been completely refurbished by Neoteric and is in perfect shape. The craft is equipped with inline seating for four passengers and a 65 horsepower Hirth engine. It can be yours for the discount price of only $20,000, and that includes a cover. A hovercraft trailer is also available for $2,230.

If you’d like this hovercraft to be yours, contact Neoteric today!

And check out the Neoteric Showroom for more hovercraft on sale


19 February, 2015

#Throwback Thursday Hovercraft Video: Vintage Neoteric Hovercraft

Today is Throwback Thursday #TBT and it’s a meme especially suited to Neoteric. As the world’s original light hovercraft manufacturer, we have decades of history to share!

On this Throwback Thursday, let’s have a glimpse of Neoteric’s third decade in business. The 1980s established Neoteric Hovercraft as a global entity as we gained customers from across the world – India, China, Japan and many other nations. And intensive research and development produced several new Neoteric models, among them the LeMere and the Neova II.

The early 1980s were a precursor of our Bubba’s Hover days, as Neoteric craft gained international fame in commercial productions – they were featured in TV ads for Canada’s Labatt’s Beer, Germany’s Lord Extra Cigarettes and Brazil’s Hollywood Cigarettes.

Here’s the Labatt’s Beer commercial, filmed on Lake Isabella in California. When ordinary boats are just too ordinary for the job, it’s Neova II hovercraft to the rescue! …

When filming the Lord Extra commercial on California’s Lake Big Bear in 1983, the Neoteric hovercraft stole the show – and not much has changed since! ...

You can read the full history of Neoteric Hovercraft here.

Now it’s time to look forward and get a glimpse of what a hovercraft can add to your future! Find out how you can steal the show ...

17 February, 2015

Hovercraft: Not just a Guy Thing

You’ve already read about Michigan’s North Muskegon Fire Department featuring their Neoteric  hovercraft at a statewide Ice Rescue Conference & Education Day. Even though it received lots of media attention, you may be surprised to learn that the most extensive coverage of the event appeared on a program for women.

WOTV 4 Women is an ABC-affiliated television station in Battle Creek that bills itself as “A TV station FOR Michigan women BY Michigan women.” And Maranda, the host of the daily program, “Where You Live”, brought some female fun to the event by learning to pilot a Neoteric HoverTrek™ on ice and filming it for her show …

But this isn’t the only time hovercraft have been spotlighted by women for women. TrailBlazerGirl.com, a California-based website that “finds the most interesting gear and amazing getaways for adventurous women who love the outdoors”, has showcased Neoteric hovercraft.  

As the Oakland Press recently reported in “Sporting Michigan”, “Not too many years ago, women were left at home to take care of the kids, do the shopping and have a warm meal on the table when dad came home from a day of ice fishing, bird hunting, or sitting in a deer stand. Times have changed. These days, more and more women are learning to experience all the outdoors has to offer.”

Those days are gone, so get in gear, gals – take Maranda’s advice and “Try Something New”. There’s no better way to experience the outdoors than on a hovercraft! 

You get in gear, too, guys – give your lady a real adventure with a hovercraft Test Flight or Flight Training Course.

But be forewarned, fellas … here’s a slightly X-rated comment left on our Facebook page by an adventurous woman named Donita after her first ride on a Neoteric hovercraft …

That was better than sex!”

13 February, 2015

Custom-built Hovercraft Garage

So where do you park a hovercraft? One of our customers in Sweden has the perfect answer –
a custom-built hovergarage …

His hovergarage is complete with ramps and front and back doors for easy fly-through. You could save some money on the double doors, though, since the Neoteric craft’s reverse thrust lets it fly backward out of the garage.

But our customers don’t just build hovergarages – many of them build their actual hovercraft from a Neoteric Partially-Assembled Hovercraft Kit. Not only does a DIY hovercraft kit save you money, it gives you a great project to enjoy with friends & family.

And don’t think this is just a hobbyist activity; we have rescue and commercial customers who built their own hovercraft from kits. Here are just a couple of examples …

Walt Sitz of Oregon built his rescue HoverTrek™ from a kit so he can use it to help others. He and his aircraft business, Eagle Wings, Inc., belong to Crisis Response International, a non-profit organization that provides rescue and relief support to humanitarian missions worldwide …

The Winous Point Shooting Club in Ohio built their commercial hovercraft from a Neoteric kit. Winous Point is the oldest duck hunting club in America, and they use it to transport hunters over water, mud, sand and thin ice to suitable hunting spots ...

You can learn more about what’s involved in building a hovercraft from a kit, and see step-by-step photo galleries in the Neoteric Hovercraft HoverGarage.

So, get out your tools!  It’s a do-it-yourselfer’s dream come true … you can build your own hovercraft and build your own hovergarage to house it!

08 February, 2015

Here’s a great hovercraft - at an even greater price!

Have you always wanted a hovercraft, but think you can’t afford to buy one? Now you can!

Our Trade-In Showroom has a Neoteric HoverTrek™ on sale at an incredible price. This Model 1874 hovercraft, used only by Hovercraft Training Centers, is the perfect starter craft. It’s equipped with Neoteric’s patented reverse thrust system, comfortable side-by-side seating and a 65 horsepower, 2-cycle Hirth engine. Regularly serviced by Neoteric, it’s in perfect shape. 

It’s yours for the bargain price of only $15,000 – and that includes a trailer!

You don’t need a jet ski, boat, canoe, kayak, ATV and snowmobile in order to enjoy the outdoors year-round – a hovercraft replaces them all. Whether you spend your leisure time on land, water, ice, snow, sand – or even mud – a hovercraft is the only vehicle that will fly you across any terrain, any time of the year. And hovercraft are not only safer and more fuel-efficient than other watercraft, they’ll take you places that no other recreational vehicle can go.

So, if you want to save a bundle of money and have fun year-round, contact Neoteric today because this craft is going to sell quickly!

Check out what other customers say about their 

05 February, 2015

Why do first responders prefer hovercraft to rescue boats?

With warmer weather ahead, first responders will soon be occupied with water and flood rescues. Unfortunately, too many fire departments and other rescue agencies are still relying on boats rather than hovercraft for water rescue operations.

Why would they need a hovercraft if they already have rescue boats? Here’s a quick video that helps answer that question. The Napoleon, Ohio Fire Department’s Neoteric hovercraft rescues not only a family stuck in a boat on the Maumee River – they also rescue the first responders whose boats became stuck or damaged in the shallow water!

The river was too shallow for the first rescue boat and it became stuck; the rocks clipped the propellers of the second rescue boat - turning this simple rescue into a three-hour ordeal.

Flat bottom Jon boats and other propeller-driven watercraft are of little use in shallow water or in flood water; debris and obstructions can not only damage rescue boats, but can pose a serious danger to first responders and to those whose lives they are tasked to save.

But don't just take our word for it. Read what just a few of our customers have to say about hovercraft versus rescue boats ...

Norman Township Fire Department, Michigan: "We perform water and ice rescues on the rapidly running, narrow, difficult to access Pine River, with rocks, downed trees and steep banks. We considered purchasing a jet boat, but its problems were quickly apparent when, during the company demo, rocks in the river caused the jet boat to break down."

Central Fraser Valley Search & Rescue Society, Canada: "The hovercraft gets us into areas that before we weren't able to reach, areas that our jet boat can't get into because we ingest debris into the impeller. And the hovercraft saves us a lot of time."

Mansfield Fire Department, Texas: "The benefit of having these hovercraft is we do not have to send our personnel into the water to retrieve victims. They're also able to hover over logs, car tires and any other debris, unlike boats, that could be a hazard in the water."

Roswell Fire Department, Georgia: "On low water, our aluminum boat can only go so far. With the hovercraft, we can travel over rocks, shallow water, sandbars."

Snohomish County Fire District 19, Washington: "At the bridge collapse, there was a lot of debris in the water. Boats weren't able to get into the wreckage, but we were able to hover back and forth through the debris and search for victims. We don't have to worry about what's underneath us."

First responders, come experience for yourself how a hovercraft can operate in conditions that prohibit the use of rescue boats - keeping you above the danger, not in it ...


Learn more about Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft

02 February, 2015

Fire department's Neoteric hovercraft has saved more than 255 people

The North Muskegon Fire Department in Michigan, which has utilized Neoteric rescue hovercraft for three decades, hosted an inaugural statewide Ice Rescue Conference and Education Day Saturday, attended by numerous fire and rescue departments and the U.S. Coast Guard.

North Muskegon’s newer Neoteric HoverTrek™ was used for ice rescue demonstrations at the event, and their original craft from 1985 was on display. A historical photo display of hovercraft ice rescues over the years was also part of the event.

“The North Muskegon Fire Department was a pioneer in using hovercraft for ice rescue operations,” stated training officer Jeff Hedges. Fire Chief Steve Lague added, “Our hovercraft have saved more lives than all our fire engines combined. Since 1985, more than 255 people have been rescued from Muskegon area lakes using the hovercraft. More than half of them would have drowned not having the hovercraft as a safe rescue tool.” In 2005, North Muskegon’s original Neoteric hovercraft held the world record for ice rescues.

The numerous media covering the Conference emphasized the importance of speed in ice rescues. As one reporter stated, “In just a few short minutes after falling through the ice, a victim can start to lose mobility or even consciousness. In a battle between life and death, time is of the essence.

The U.S. Coast Guard usually responds to ice rescues with a team of four who go out on the ice on foot – while crews from the North Muskegon Fire Department’s hovercraft can safely speed upwards of 60 miles per hour across frozen or partially frozen lakes.

But you have to know what you’re doing – and that’s why professional flight training is especially important for first responders. As hovercraft pilot David Ogren says in this news video about the Conference, “Because you’re floating on a cushion of air and even though you do have a lot of control, you could very easily lose that control and have issues” …

As North Muskegon Fire Chief Steve Lague says, “Ice rescues are inherently dangerous. They’re a high risk, low probability situation where we can get into trouble very quickly.”

The Neoteric Rescue HoverTrek™, with its patented reverse thrust system, is recognized worldwide as the industry standard for rescue hovercraft because it greatly reduces that risk by keeping first responders and victims above the danger - not in it. 

01 February, 2015

Historic Hovercraft for Sale

The Neoteric Questrek™ was the forerunner of today’s HoverTrek™, and it was the model that brought international attention to Neoteric. Here’s a rare chance for you to own a fully reconditioned Questrek™ - a great recreational vehicle for all seasons ...

This historic hovercraft, a trade-in, has a 52 horsepower, 2-cycle Fuji engine and is equipped with Neoteric’s patented reverse thrust system. It gives you great storage capacity and comfortable inline seating and has only 146 hours of use. The craft comes fully refurbished, for only $14,000 – and that includes a set of brand new skirts, plus a spare set of skirts. And a trailer is available for just $2,230. Contact Neoteric for full information.

The Neoteric Questrek™ has quite a history. To just touch upon it, in the early 1990s, a Questrek™ performed several water rescues in Indiana during severe flooding, paving the way for Neoteric’s international recognition as the industry standard for rescue hovercraft …

In 1990, St. Lawrence County in New York was one of the scores of law enforcement agencies who began utilizing the Rescue Questrek™ …

Esso Columbia also began using the Rescue Questrek™. Here’s a photo of on-site flight training near Cartagena in 1994 …

In one of its most interesting uses, in 2005, Batten International Airport in Racine, Wisconsin, used a pre-owned Neoteric Questrek™ to successfully eliminate an aviation threat – geese! The airport used the hovercraft to evict Canadian geese from the lakes near the runways ... 

If you’d like to own a piece of this history, contact us today!

And check out more Neoteric hovercraft on sale in our Trade-In Showroom …