22 February, 2015

Top-rated Hovercraft at a Rock-bottom price

Have you always wanted a hovercraft for recreation, but think you can’t afford one? Are you a first responder whose department could use a hovercraft to make your water, mud and ice rescue operations faster and safer, but enough funding isn’t available? Do you own a business that could use a hovercraft – or could benefit from major publicity like Bubba’s Hover received?

If cost is holding you back, here’s how you can move forward: The Neoteric Hovercraft Trade-In Showroom makes it possible for you to buy a top-rated Neoteric HoverTrek™ at a rock-bottom price. The Showroom offers a variety of new and pre-owned hovercraft that we’ve used for demos or training or that our customers have traded in.

Check out this week’s featured Showroom hovercraft …

4-Passenger Neoteric HoverTrek™ Deluxe Model 3877

This excellent Model 3877 HoverTrek™, a customer trade-in, has been completely refurbished by Neoteric and is in perfect shape. The craft is equipped with inline seating for four passengers and a 65 horsepower Hirth engine. It can be yours for the discount price of only $20,000, and that includes a cover. A hovercraft trailer is also available for $2,230.

If you’d like this hovercraft to be yours, contact Neoteric today!

And check out the Neoteric Showroom for more hovercraft on sale


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