17 February, 2015

Hovercraft: Not just a Guy Thing

You’ve already read about Michigan’s North Muskegon Fire Department featuring their Neoteric  hovercraft at a statewide Ice Rescue Conference & Education Day. Even though it received lots of media attention, you may be surprised to learn that the most extensive coverage of the event appeared on a program for women.

WOTV 4 Women is an ABC-affiliated television station in Battle Creek that bills itself as “A TV station FOR Michigan women BY Michigan women.” And Maranda, the host of the daily program, “Where You Live”, brought some female fun to the event by learning to pilot a Neoteric HoverTrek™ on ice and filming it for her show …

But this isn’t the only time hovercraft have been spotlighted by women for women. TrailBlazerGirl.com, a California-based website that “finds the most interesting gear and amazing getaways for adventurous women who love the outdoors”, has showcased Neoteric hovercraft.  

As the Oakland Press recently reported in “Sporting Michigan”, “Not too many years ago, women were left at home to take care of the kids, do the shopping and have a warm meal on the table when dad came home from a day of ice fishing, bird hunting, or sitting in a deer stand. Times have changed. These days, more and more women are learning to experience all the outdoors has to offer.”

Those days are gone, so get in gear, gals – take Maranda’s advice and “Try Something New”. There’s no better way to experience the outdoors than on a hovercraft! 

You get in gear, too, guys – give your lady a real adventure with a hovercraft Test Flight or Flight Training Course.

But be forewarned, fellas … here’s a slightly X-rated comment left on our Facebook page by an adventurous woman named Donita after her first ride on a Neoteric hovercraft …

That was better than sex!”

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