08 February, 2015

Here’s a great hovercraft - at an even greater price!

Have you always wanted a hovercraft, but think you can’t afford to buy one? Now you can!

Our Trade-In Showroom has a Neoteric HoverTrek™ on sale at an incredible price. This Model 1874 hovercraft, used only by Hovercraft Training Centers, is the perfect starter craft. It’s equipped with Neoteric’s patented reverse thrust system, comfortable side-by-side seating and a 65 horsepower, 2-cycle Hirth engine. Regularly serviced by Neoteric, it’s in perfect shape. 

It’s yours for the bargain price of only $15,000 – and that includes a trailer!

You don’t need a jet ski, boat, canoe, kayak, ATV and snowmobile in order to enjoy the outdoors year-round – a hovercraft replaces them all. Whether you spend your leisure time on land, water, ice, snow, sand – or even mud – a hovercraft is the only vehicle that will fly you across any terrain, any time of the year. And hovercraft are not only safer and more fuel-efficient than other watercraft, they’ll take you places that no other recreational vehicle can go.

So, if you want to save a bundle of money and have fun year-round, contact Neoteric today because this craft is going to sell quickly!

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