26 November, 2011

Neoteric Hovercraft Patrols Flood Waters in Washington USA

As KING 5 Television reports, the only sound in Silvana, Washington on Thanksgiving night was the sound of the fire department's Neoteric Hovercraft patrolling for those cut off by floodwaters ...

This is not the first time the Neoteric Hovertrek has been a lifesaver in Washington state flood rescue operations. In 2006, Neoteric hovercraft rescued hundreds of flood victims, plucking them from trees and homes surrounded by fast-moving water filled with flood debris. And again in 2010, their hovercraft were the calm in the storm during devastating flooding in Granite City.

Hovercraft are extremely effective in flood rescue operations because they can access areas that boats and other rescue vehicles can't reach. Unlike other vehicles, hovercraft fly on a cushion of air 9 inches above the surface, so they simply glide over swift flowing, debris-filled floodwaters. And, unlike other hovercraft, the Neoteric Hovertrek's patented reverse thrust system gives it the unique capability to brake, back up, hover in place - maneuvers that are critical in flood rescues.