18 October, 2011

Rescue Hovercraft Pilot Training: Perry-Clear Creek Fire Department

Firefighters from the Perry-Clear Creek Fire Department, Bloomington, Indiana USA have successfully completed Neoteric’s Rescue Hovercraft Pilot Training and Maintenance Course …

Above, first responders from the Perry-Clear Creek Fire Department receive their hovercraft pilot certifications. Left to right: Craig Patnode, Aaron Robertson, JJ McWhorter, Neoteric President/Flight Instructor Chris Fitzgerald, Joe McWhorter Jr., Shane Egan and, in front, Mark Mahurin.

An important portion of the Training Course is instruction in the function and maintenance of all systems of the hovercraft. Here, Chris Fitzgerald overviews with its firefighters and future hovercraft pilots the department’s newly-manufactured 6-passenger Rescue Hovertrek™.

Half the Training Course consists of hands-on flight training. On the Wabash River in Terre Haute, Indiana Instructor Chris Fitzgerald explains the concept of the imaginary "runway" to Mark Mahurin, an idea that is helpful for taking off on water and getting over the hump.

See a photo gallery of the Perry-Clear Creek Fire Dept.

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