17 October, 2011

Recreational Hovercraft Pilot Training: Sebastian & Ghislaine van Berkom

Sebastian and Ghislaine van Berkom of Montreal, Canada, traveled to Terre Haute, Indiana USA to complete Neoteric’s Hovercraft Pilot Training Course and take delivery of their new Recreational Hovertrek.
Above, Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald takes Ghislaine through a pre-flight check before their new hovercraft is launched on the Wabash River for its maiden training flight.

The van Berkoms own a private island in Canada, which they frequently visit using a barge or Skidoo, depending on the season. However, there are months when ice prevents the use of the barge but when it isn’t yet safe to use the Skidoo. But now, the van Berkom’s new Neoteric hovercraft gives them the ability to travel to their island any time of the year, regardless of weather or water conditions. For this reason, Sebastian and Ghislaine see their new Neoteric hovercraft as not just a recreational vehicle, but also a utility vehicle.
And off they go, transitioning smoothly from the paved boat launch to the water, thanks to the exceptional maneuverability offered by the revolutionary reverse thrust system on all Neoteric Hovercraft.

Unique vehicles and unusual sports are nothing new for Sebastian. His Ski-Doo provides only one of his winter adventures - he also loves the adrenaline rush of heli-skiing.
Back at Neoteric's headquarters, the van Berkoms receive their Hovercraft Pilot Certification from Chris Fitzgerald. After undergoing a day of flight training, Sebastian observed that “it takes awhile for a novice to get used to the relation between power, trim, rudder and reverse thrust buckets.” He strongly advises against operating a hovercraft without first undergoing thorough pilot training.

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