23 May, 2013

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Here's a brief review of the featured articles in the May 2013 issue of HoverWorld Insider:

Read the backstory of how a quirky brainstorm from the NYC viral video agency Thinkmodo and golf pro Bubba Watson's sponsor, Oakley, evolved from a quick napkin drawing to a top secret production to an internet sensation. After what he calls a "media tsunami", Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald, who manufactured Bubba's BW1 hovercraft golf cart, has been flooded with calls from prospective buyers worldwide and expects the publicity blitz to have lasting effects throughout the industry.

The tsunami is best illustrated by the Bubba's Hover case study from Thinkmodo's website:

"The absolutely fantastic thing is that it is spreading the word that this technology exists and it can be used for doing lots of different things," Fizgerald explains. "I've been in this business for 50 years. You can pull your hair out trying to figure out how to get the information out ... In one fell swoop this has introduced light hovercraft to the world."

Mike Glanville, owner of U.K.-based manufacturer HovPod calls Bubba's Hover "the hovercraft scoop of the century," adding, "The viral effect of the story has given hovercraft in general a boost and we are eternally grateful."    Read the full story with photos and videos in HoverWorld Insider online ...

World's First Hovercraft Flight Academy

Hovercraft Training Centers LLC has launched its flagship location in Terre Haute, Indiana USA, offering light hovercraft flight training and maintenance instruction for rescue, military, commercial and recreational hovercraft pilots worldwide. HTC also offers franchise opportunities, a great way to make your next venture a true adventure and to get in on the ground floor of an expanding international industry. Read the full story in HoverWorld Insider online ...

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The Mansfield Fire Department in Texas has joined the ranks of first responders throughout the world who can now fly across any surface in a state-of-the-art hovercraft. Read what first responders have to say about hovercraft making their rescue missions faster, safer and more successful in HoverWorld Insider online ...

Hovercraft in Commercial Operations

Canair Hovercraft manufactured light commercial hovercraft in Canada from 1988-2000 and produced only seven of its largest model - the Canair 512. Now two of them are finding new life in the tourism industry, with Cool Breeze Hovercraft Tours, opening this summer in Iowa USA and Hovertours Bremerhaven, soon to launch its second season in Germany. Read the full story with photos in HoverWorld Insider online ...

Hovercraft in Military Operations

The U.S. Navy plans to replace its fleet of LCACs (Landing Craft, Air Cushion) with the newly-developed SSC (Ship-to-Shore Connector); the U.S. and South Korea recently conducted joint military drills with light and heavy hovercraft in an atmosphere of heightened tensions; China has purchased four Zubr-class LCACs from state-owned Ukrainian arms dealer Ikroboronprom ... read the full stories with photos in HoverWorld Insider online ...

Hovercraft in Sport and Recreation

Every issue of the Insider includes a full listing of upcoming local, regional, national and international hovercraft events, along with reviews and photos/videos of recent events. See what's happening this summer in HoverWorld Insider online ...

Hovercraft in Education

Auburn University's Hovering Tigers bested the University of Alabama's Hoverteam on April 27 in the inaugural University Hoverbowl Challenge, the world's first intercollegiate hovercraft race. Read the full story with photos in HoverWorld Insider online ...

Hovercraft Manufacturer News

Every issue of the Insider publishes the latest news from hovercraft manufacturers throughout the world. Read the current news in HoverWorld Insider online ...

The next issue of HoverWorld Insider will be published in September.
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