24 May, 2013

Neoteric Hovercraft on the scene in Washington bridge collapse

Two Neoteric rescue hovercraft operated by Snohomish County Fire Districts 19 and 21 were involved with rescue efforts last night when a portion of an Interstate 5 bridge collapsed, dropping vehicles and their passengers into the Skagit River 60 miles north of Seattle.

Four-lane Interstate 5 is Washington state’s major north-south artery, used by an average of 77,000 vehicles every day. Thanks to the rapid rescue response, there were no fatalities and only three people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

“Thanks to the rescuers and a little bit of luck, with had three Skagitonians who made it out of the Skagit River alive,” said Washington Governor Jay Inslee from the scene on Thursday night. 

Watch the breaking news coverage:

Neoteric rescue hovercraft on the Skagit River 
after the Interstate 5 bridge collapse. (AP photo/Seattle Times/Rick Lund)

More photos of the hovercraft in action:

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