07 April, 2013

CNN interviews Neoteric's Chris Fitzgerald about Bubba's Hover

Bubba’s Hover, the video of golf pro Bubba Watson and Neoteric president Chris Fitzgerald with the BW1 hovercraft golf cart manufactured by Neoteric, has become a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to the masterminds behind it at Thinkmodo, the New York City viral video agency. Thousands of media outlets, including CNN, GMA and NBC’s Today Show have featured the story, with more than 63 million total broadcast viewership in the U.S. alone. And Bubba’s Hover now has 6,400,000 views on YouTube.

As CNN’s Jeanne Moos says, “It’s a golf cart that’s anything but par for the course and it had wannabe drivers drooling watching Masters champ Bubba Watson tooling around in a modified hovercraft, zipping over water hazards.”  It’s no wonder; as Chris Fitzgerald told her, “It’s sort of a magic carpet floating around a golf course.”

The massive publicity has resulted in Neoteric Hovercraft being flooded with orders from golf courses worldwide. When people see the video, they respond as did CNN’s Piers Morgan, who said in an early interview with Bubba Watson on Piers Morgan Tonight, “If it’s real, then I want one!”

Watch CNN’s Jeanne Moos tell the story behind Bubba’s new “driver” ...

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About Thinkmodo:
Founded by former Saturday Night Live producer James Percelay and social media maven Michael Krivicka, Thinkmodo is the mastermind viral video agency behind campaigns such as the Times Square Hack for Limitless and the flying people campaign for Chronicle. Their recent video for Popcorn Indiana's Popinator has surpassed two million views on YouTube. Bubba's Hover is Thinkmodo's most successful campaign to date.

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