16 January, 2014

Wall Street, Club Med, Cadillac … and the Neoteric HoverGolf Cart!

The massive publicity created by Bubba’s Hover, the viral video of Bubba Watson’s BW1 hovercraft golf cart manufactured by Neoteric, has now evolved into a steadily rising level of prestige. As the world recognizes that the Neoteric HoverGolf Cart attracts major attention wherever it goes, it has definitely been going places - appearing as an attraction at charity events, grand openings, and special events of all types.

January 19-23, the HoverGolf Cart will join Wall Street executives, investors, and world business leaders at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Florida for “the ultimate adventure in capitalism” – the Noble Financial Capital Markets 10th Annual Equity Conference. While Cadillac provides general transportation at this famed event (last year it was Porsche), Neoteric’s Steve Stafford, who is also an HTC Flight Instructor, will really get things off the ground with rides in the HoverGolf Cart.

In addition to corporate presentations, the 550 attendees and their families will enjoy every leisure activity imaginable – from sailing, paddle boarding and flying trapeze lessons, to tennis lessons with Gabriel Jaramillo and golf with the Club Med Academy and its world-famous teaching pros, who developed the Stack and Tilt golf swing technique. And, of course, hovering like Bubba in the Neoteric HoverGolf Cart!

In every way, this event is business at its best. As Mark Pinvidic, Noble’s managing partner and chief organizer of Noble 10 says, “We’re sure this one is going to score a perfect ten!”

Check in next week for event photos!

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