20 January, 2014

Neoteric Hovercraft are huge hit at exclusive business event

Noble Financial Capital Markets’ 10th Annual Equity Conference (“Noble 10”), an exclusive event for Wall Street executives, investors, and world business leaders, has been dubbed “the ultimate adventure in capitalism.” But judging by the photos so far, this year’s Noble 10 may well become known as “the ultimate adventure in hovercrafting!”

Neoteric’s Steve Stafford, who is also a flight instructor at Hovercraft Training Centers, was invited to give rides in a Neoteric hovercraft and the Neoteric HoverGolf Cart at the event, which is taking place at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Judging from the attention he’s getting, he could be piloting the greatest assets discussed at Noble 10!

Anything that can mesmerize kids on a beach is a definite attention-getter!

He's definitely up for this as the hovercraft launches onto the water!

And he's even more excited after his ride!

Steve reports that the excitement began long before he arrived in Florida: during transport, the hovercraft was photographed all across the country! There’s no doubt about it – from creating an event highlight, to encouraging charitable giving, to boosting military recruiting - there’s nothing like a Neoteric hovercraft for attracting attention!

Noble Financial Capital Markets is a research-driven boutique investment bank focused on
emerging growth companies in the energy, healthcare, technology and media & entertainment sectors.

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