07 January, 2014

Neoteric hovercraft “worked beautifully, across the ice to the water.”

John and Maureen Wright are law enforcement retirees who live on an island in Buckthorn, Ontario, Canada. And even though their hobbies include skiing, snowmobiling and sailing “every boat conceivable,” nothing would get them back and forth from their home to the mainland when the surrounding water is not frozen enough to walk on or too frozen for a boat.

Their dilemma? “We either stay home for weeks while it freezes, or we go away for weeks waiting for it to freeze.”

Their solution? A Neoteric hovercraft: “Now we’ll be good to go whenever we want!”

The Wrights thoroughly researched hovercraft before finalizing their decision. First, they decided on a Neoteric craft: “It’s a vessel that fits our needs.”  Next, they underwent training at Hovercraft Training Centers. “I took training to learn how to drive a car,” John said. “And you don’t fly a plane without taking some instruction – you’re gonna crash. Same thing goes with this.”

Maureen agreed, “I need to be in it and see it explained for me to be comfortable. Training is just a commonsense thing to me.”
At the HTC training site on the Wabash River, John takes the controls
while instructor Chris Fitzgerald provides constant direction and feedback.
Back at HTC headquarters, John and Maureen accept their hovercraft pilot certifications
from Chris Fitzgerald (center).
A few days after returning to Canada, the Wrights sent an update on how their hovercraft performs on partially frozen water and solid ice: “I liken it to a rocket ship in space where the inertia is exponential. But it worked beautifully, across the ice to the water …”

Is a Neoteric hovercraft the right vessel for your needs? Here’s an easy way to find out:

Take a Test Flight on a Neoteric craft at Hovercraft Training Centers!

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