28 January, 2014

“My hovercraft is not just a toy; I have a motive for it.”

Barry Eison of Tennessee is a man with a plan. But the 56-year-old industrial maintenance specialist was determined to give his plan a strong foundation: “I’ve been looking at hovercraft for five years. I’ve looked at just about every hovercraft company out there; Neoteric is the only one that doesn’t have a single negative review.

Barry further boosted his strong foundation by completing thorough training at Hovercraft Training Centers. He says, “My biggest concern was being able to safely operate the craft. Training is absolutely necessary; if you don’t know how to use it, stay off of it!”  Here, Barry (right) receives his certification from HTC Senior Instructor Chris Fitzgerald …

Why a hovercraft? Barry says, “Every time we go out hunting, fishing, exploring, we see places we can’t get to. With a hovercraft, I think we can get to them.” But his plan involves much more than just having fun with his hovercraft – he intends to turn it into a business. “I know the outdoors. I know what people would like to see a hovercraft do. I’ll learn the hovercraft and be able to show what it’s capable of doing,” he says, “If I can marry these two, I can sell hovercraft.

Even before he learned to fly his new hovercraft, he’d already lined up at least 14 potential people interested in taking test flights - among them not just sportsmen but also rice farmers, first responders and game wardens. Here’s what Barry has to say about each group …

Sportsmen: “When you’re hunting, fishing, exploring, so many areas are inaccessible. Especially if you’re getting up in years, you can’t travel through mud or wade through swamps. Duck hunting is big in my area; one of the biggest frustrations for duck hunters is you have to be able to go from water to land to water – a hovercraft makes that possible.”

Rice farmers: “Rice farmers require a levee around their property, and maintaining it is a nightmare. The water in a rice field isn’t deep enough for a boat, so they have to use 4-wheelers or Rangers and end up causing damage. Hovercraft would allow them to fly right over their crop without damaging it. I already have four rice farmers that want me to give them demo rides.”

First responders: “Every year we have people die when the spring floods come. I’ve seen people die because we couldn’t get to them. A couple of volunteer rescue squads are already very interested, so I’ll volunteer my services to them.”

Game wardens: “I have a cabin in a 26,000-acre refuge. The game warden there talks about how he can’t get to areas for enforcement or counting wildlife. He has an extreme interest in hovercraft.”

He’s done his research, he’s chosen a state-of-the-art hovercraft, and he thoroughly understands the importance of proper training. We predict that Barry Eison is well on his way, hovering straight toward success!

Is a hovercraft business right for you?

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