26 June, 2013

Golf Digest Promotes Neoteric's Hovercraft Golf Cart

Golf Digest Stix
June 2013
By Stephen Hennessey


Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart, unveiled in an online video a couple of months ago, continues to draw attention. His clothing sponsor, Oakley, brought the BW1 to the CVS Charity Classic this week at Rhode Island Country Club. Last week, it appeared at a Dick’s Sporting Goods event outside Pittsburgh, where about 300 people got to ride it.

People have really been fanatical about it since we debuted the video,” says Nathan Strange, Oakley’s director of global marketing.

Chris Fitzgerald, president of Neoteric Hovercraft, which made the BW1 at the request of Oakley and Thinkmodo’s advertising/video team, says 100 hovercraft have been ordered. A four-seater with a fuel-injected, 65-hoursepower engine is available for $58,000, and a six-seater with a 100-horsepower engine costs $70,000. In your price range? You can call the Indiana plant to place an order: 812-234-1120.

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