22 February, 2018

#TBT: Documentary features Neoteric hovercraft water rescue

For #ThrowbackThursday, read what first responders said after participating in a Neoteric HoverTrek™ water rescue filmed by a documentary crew back in 2009 …

Mecosta County Sheriff's Department's Neoteric Hovercraft Rescue Team in action.
“The Neoteric craft is a very unique design. It’s able to hover in one spot, turn on a dime, move slowly in between houses (in flood rescue operations), fly backwards - this craft does things that I’ve never seen another hovercraft do.”

“I’m impressed that Neoteric hovercraft are used all over the world and I was impressed with the owner of the company, Chris, and his knowledge and many years of experience … [these are] hovercraft that have years and years of insight and testing behind them.”

“When you’re going into a situation to save someone’s life, it often means that you’re going to put yourself in danger as well. I am not going to put myself or my team or the victims at risk by going into a situation that we are not equipped for … after spending a day with Chris, I realized this guy really, really knows what he’s talking about, has put a lot of thought and care into his work and is very serious about the task at hand - to create hovercraft that are designed to go where boats and helicopters can’t go.”

“You’ve got an airboat, you’ve got a hovercraft, and you’ve got a traditional boat … I just couldn’t come up with any other vehicle that could match what a hovercraft can do. Well, not “a” hovercraft - THIS hovercraft. Caterpillar makes the best equipment. Peterbilt makes the best truck. Neoteric makes the best hovercraft.”

Now, back to the present day ...

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