20 February, 2018

Here's your gateway to hovercraft ...

If you’ve ever wanted to own a hovercraft – for recreational, rescue, commercial or even military use – here’s the perfect opportunity for you!

Limited-Time Sale: 
10 % OFF
Neoteric Hovertrek Standard Hovercraft
Reg. $22,220
Only $19,998
Now through April 18, 2018

Your new hovercraft includes:

- A FREE Flight Training Course
- White body; durable black skirts
- 4-passenger inline seating
- Windshield
- 55 HP 2-cycle engine
- Tachometer/hour meter
- 2 engine temperature sensors
- Kill switch with key
- Operator’s Manual

You don’t have to be in Star Trek to boldly go where no other vehicle can take you – swiftwater, ice, snow, mud, swampland – your new hovercraft will get you there
without emptying your pockets!

Contact us today to save money and start hovering in 2 weeks!

Or call us now at

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