20 February, 2017

Star attraction at Voyageur Winter Carnival: Neoteric Hovercraft rides

Canada’s Voyageur Winter Carnival at Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay is the largest winter event in Northwestern Ontario. And Fort William Historical Park is one of the largest living history attractions in North America, bringing visitors from all over the world.

The Park’s 2017 Winter Carnival, known as Family Day Weekend, took place Feb. 18-20 and, as always, offered a weekend full of fun with a giant snow maze, tubing and sliding hills, skating, winter and carnival games, historical activities and indoor & outdoor entertaining. But something new was announced on their website this year ...

New this year – Hovercraft Rides!
Take an exhilarating ride and experience the Kamanistiquia River like you never have before – 
on a Neoteric Hovercraft!
Yes! Neoteric Hovercraft rides were the main attraction at the 2017 year’s Winter Carnival. In the past, helicopter rides were sometimes offered, but this year it was decided that hovercraft would be more exciting. Emily Carr, Communications Officer with Fort Williams Historical Park said, “New this year, we’re excited to have hovercraft rides. Visitors will be able to experience the Kamanistiquia River from a whole new exhilarating perspective. These hovercraft can go on ice and snow and take people down the Kam.

The rides were piloted by Neoteric Founder/President Chris Fitzgerald and Vice President Steve Stafford on a 6-passenger Neoteric HoverTrek and a 4-passenger Neoteric HoverGolf Cart – the official replica of Bubba’s Hover, which was designed and manufactured by Neoteric.

On the first day of the Winter Carnival, visitors begin to line up for their first hovercraft ride.
People who took rides on the hovercraft were even more excited after the ride than they were before they launched. Sarah McKinnon, who attended the event with her husband and daughter, said, “The hovercraft was super cool. It was a lot of fun. I’m surprised by how fun it was actually.”

Chris Fitzgerald gives his passengers a few spins on the snow and ice-covered
Kamanistiquia River in Neoteric’s Bubba’s Hover.
After Thunder Bay’s John Lawson and his daughter Myla took a ride, he said, “There’s nothing quite like it. It’s a unique experience and I think everyone should give it a shot. Floating on a cushion of air isn’t something you do every day and it’s nice that the park had the opportunity to have this out here.”

Neoteric Vice President Steve Stafford flies a family down the Kamanistiquia River in a Neoteric HoverTrek. 

The hovercraft rides were definitely the star of the show and got a big "thumbs up" from everyone!
Today, the final day of the Voyageur Winter Carnival, Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald reported in. “I wish I had a way to capture all the positive comments we’ve gotten. One fellow came back specifically to tell us that it was the best ride of his entire life. Kids love it, as well. I spent time with them to explain how hovercraft work and they really seem to appreciate this.”

“Everyone says we have the best job in the world, taking people for fun rides”, Fitzgerald concluded.

Neither snow nor ice nor water hazards and sand traps are an obstacle for a Neoteric Hovercraft.
Here, the Neoteric Bubba’s Hover gives another group of passengers their first hovercraft flight.
At the close of the highly successful 2017 Voyageur Winter Carnival, the two Neoteric hovercraft are loaded and ready for their long trek from Ontario back to Indiana ... 

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