12 February, 2017

A Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft saves another life

Yesterday in Iowa the Council Bluffs Fire Department rescued a fisherman who had fallen through the ice on Lake Manawa and was submerged in icy water while clinging to the ice shelf.

Captain Jim Maaske reported that their Neoteric hovercraft allowed the firefighters to quickly find the man and hover directly to him without putting themselves at risk. Thanks to his rapid rescue, the fisherman was checked by EMS personnel and released.
Council Bluffs Firefighters discuss the situation after their successful ice rescue.
The Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft is the only vehicle able to operate on thin and broken ice.
It prevents first responders from having to enter the freezing water, risking their own lives.
Council Bluffs has owned their Neoteric Hovercraft since 2015, and this is far from the first life it has saved. Less than a month after its purchase, the hovercraft enabled the rescue of a young man submerged in a flooded, muddy river. Fire Chief Justin James said there was more than 60 feet of deep mud on the shores of the West Nodaway River and 20 feet of shallow water to cross before reaching the victim. Chief James reported, "The amount of time it took us to get out there would have been drastically longer if we didn't have the hovercraft."

Along with speeding up rescue operations, the hovercraft also keeps first responders safe. As Chief James says,
 "The hovercraft is a very stable platform, and we're not getting in the water. It's not going to sink. It won't capsize like a canoe or other boat. Our hovercraft can handle some of the most dangerous rescues that would otherwise be out of reach. It's the only vehicle able to operate on any surface; you can get it anywhere that basically nothing else can get to. With it, we're not sending first responders into bad water or ice. We can go over it all with the hovercraft, grab the victim and bring them back."

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