18 April, 2014

Neoteric hovercraft rescues hitchhiker thrown from bridge

Neoteric hovercraft have certainly been in the news recently when it comes to mud rescues. First, the Snohomish County hovercraft were invaluable in the search and rescue operations at the Oso, Washington mudslide – and this week Wylie Fire-Rescue in Texas performed an unusual mud rescue mission.

On Wednesday night at a rest stop in Dallas, Texas, 23-year-old Mario Otteson accepted a ride from five teenagers in a van. But when they reached the bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard, they stopped the van, dragged Otteson out, assaulted him and threw him over the side of the bridge.

Lake levels are low and Otteson landed in thick mud, from which he couldn’t escape. Fortunately, he had a cell phone and called 9-1-1. Dallas Police and Dallas Fire-Rescue attempted to rescue him, but finally called Wylie Fire-Rescue to bring their hovercraft to do the job.

Wylie’s Neoteric rescue craft had no problem navigating the mud and extricating Otteson. Luckily he suffered only minor scrapes, but the case was reported as an aggravated assault because of the possibility of severe injuries.

This is yet another example of the importance of hovercraft for law enforcement and rescue agencies. A boat or any other rescue vehicle cannot navigate through thick mud, but a hovercraft gives rescuers sure access to areas boats, and even helicopters, can’t reach. And the Neoteric craft, with its patented reverse thrust system, is the only hovercraft that gives them the ability to brake and back up. Sometimes backing up is the only way out – especially in mud rescues!

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