27 April, 2014

Neoteric hosts Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior

Although Neoteric may be hidden away in Terre Haute, Indiana, the scope of our business is thoroughly global, with clientele in more than 50 nations.

Indicative of Neoteric’s international reach, a delegation of Major Generals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior’s Directorate of Civil Defense recently visited Terre Haute to learn more about Neoteric hovercraft and take a Test Flight at Hovercraft Training Centers.

The delegation poses for a quick photo before they begin their Test Flight on the Wabash River. From left: Major General Al Garni Abdullah Mohammed, Major General Almohammadi, Hasan Eid T, Major General Almubdel Hamad Abdulaziz, Major General Abojalid Saad Abdulrahman and, in the rear seat, Neoteric founder / Hovercraft Training Centers Senior Instructor Chris Fitzgerald …

Although Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s driest nations, in recent years it has been severely afflicted by flash floods resulting in casualties. In January 2014 Saudi Civil Defense received more than 8,212 emergency calls in 24 hours during a flood in Riyadh. In March, seven people died in floods that hit the northern Saudi province Hail. And in both 2009 and 2011, floods devastated the Red Sea port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing hundreds.

Because the Saudi flooding consists of deluges of swiftwater in which rescue boats and in-water rescue equipment cannot be used, the Ministry of Interior is considering the use of hovercraft for flood rescue operations. Since hovercraft fly above the surface and can navigate through fast-flowing currents, they are often the only viable vehicle for flood rescue efforts.

Flood conditions existed on the Wabash River during their test flight, and the demonstration included accessing flooded farm fields. The current on the Wabash was flowing at 6-7 mph in places – similar to the swiftwater experienced in the Jeddah floods.

During their test flight, the Saudi Major Generals experienced the unequaled capability of the Neoteric hovercraft’s reverse thrust system, which enables it to fly backward and brake, unlike other hovercraft on the market. This ability is particularly essential in flood rescues, when debris must be avoided, and often the only way out is to back up ...

After their Test Flight, Chris Fitzgerald gave the delegation a tour of the Neoteric Hovercraft factory …

After fully documenting their visit to Neoteric Hovercraft to aid in their decision-making, the Saudi Major Generals traveled to the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to attend the FDIC Show, the annual Fire Department Instructor Conference & Exhibition, which is the world’s largest firefighter training conference.

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