26 November, 2013

Neoteric Hovercraft rides & tours in south Florida

All Florida Watersports, Inc. on Marco Island, Florida, specializes in WaveRunner and parasailing experiences. But they were looking for something to spice up their business – and a Neoteric Hovercraft filled the bill.

Owner Ryan Peacock says, “We were looking for something a bit different. We started looking on the web, and there you guys were – something to do other than WaveRunners and typical boat rentals.”
All Florida Watersports’ Neoteric Hovertrek™ on Marco Island
After ordering a 6-passenger Neoteric commercial hovercraft, Ryan and his coworkers learned to fly and maintain their craft at Hovercraft Training Centers. As he said, “The first step is to know what a hovercraft does and how it operates.”
Ryan Peacock (2nd from left), and his crew complete HTC training with instructor Steve Stafford (3rd from left).
After their training, the team was were impressed with the Hovertrek’s ease of operation, it’s maneuverability, and the smoothness of its transitions: “It’s just incredible how there’s no transition; from land to water you don’t feel a thing – it’s amazing!”

The Neoteric Hovertrek™ flies safely and easily over most any surface.
Ryan says their new hovercraft will add a whole new dimension to their business. “We’re going to do commercial rides and tours. Now we’ll be able to land on beaches and islands. It’s just a completely different niche that’s never been done here.”

It isn’t easy for an amphibious vehicle to impress a group of guys who have been in the waterbound tourist trade for 25 years, who say they “eat, drink and sleep watersports” … but the Neoteric Hovertrek™ certainly did. Just imagine how their customers are going to react!

See how you react: Take a Neoteric hovercraft Test Flight at Hovercraft Training Centers.

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  1. just incredible how there’s no transition; from land to water you don’t feel a thing – it’s amazing!” tours on maui