23 September, 2013

Russian hovercraft counterfeiters: Air Wing and MosHovercraft

It’s long been said that ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ If that old saying is true, then Neoteric should be flattered, since the Hovertrek™ is becoming one of the most copied hovercraft in the world.

The problem, however, is that knockoffs of Rolex watches are one thing; counterfeit products that threaten consumer safety are an entirely different matter. Particularly since hovercraft are increasingly used in rescue operations, counterfeit hovercraft pose a serious threat to the lives of first responders and to the lives of those they are tasked to save.

In the past we’ve reported the offenses of Hi Tech International S.r.l. of Gorgonzola, Italy. Now two Russian companies have joined HTI’s dubious rank: Air Wing (aka Production Company MSK and 000 Aeroslava) and MosHovercraft Group (aka Globatek Group JSC). Counterfeiting is becoming an increasing problem in Russia: a Russian Interior Ministry investigation estimates that up to a third of everything sold to consumers in Russia is counterfeit. 

The offenses committed by Air Wing and MosHovercraft include:

Industrial and economic espionage; theft of technology and trade secrets: Air Wing counterfeited the patented Neoteric Hovertrek™ and is using the model name “Niaterek” to market their pirated hovercraft. MosHovercraft is selling illegally “restyled” copies of the Hovertrek™.
Illegal copies of the Neoteric Hovertrek™ in production at Air Wing’s assembly facility in Russia.
Intellectual property infringement: The Air Wing and MosHovercraft websites and promotional efforts contain material plagiarized from the copyrighted Neoteric website.
Screenshot of a MosHovercraft website page, with numerous photos plagiarized from the Neoteric website.
Neoteric and our licensed agent in Russia, Christy Hovercraft, are diligently working with Russian governmental officials to curtail the illegal actions of these companies. In the meantime, we advise all potential hovercraft buyers to meticulously research companies to be certain you’re purchasing from the original, reputable, experienced manufacturer and not a counterfeiter. Your life could depend upon it.

For complete information, read the World Hovercraft Organization’s Ripoff Reports:

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