20 September, 2013

Hovercraft: Fly Before You Buy

How many people buy a car before they learn how to drive? Even as a licensed driver, would you buy a car without taking it out for a demo? Of course you wouldn’t. 

That’s why Neoteric has a “Fly Before You Buy” policy: We highly recommend that anyone considering purchasing a hovercraft first enroll in a flight training course on a Neoteric craft at Hovercraft Training Centers. Here’s an example of the benefits of this approach …

Rusty Roush, a CPA from Amarillo, Texas, was considering a career change. He was familiar with hovercraft, but the Bubba’s Hover video piqued his interest, so he contacted Neoteric, explaining, “I’m trying to see if it’s something that’s fun and easy to learn, and what business applications it might have.” Roush took advantage of Neoteric’s “Fly Before You Buy” policy and enrolled in Hovercraft Training Centers’ Standard Training Course: 
After a morning of classroom instruction, instructor Chris Fitzgerald trains Roush to conduct a thorough preflight inspection.
Fitzgerald, in the pilot seat, shows Roush how easily the Neoteric Hovertrek™ transitions from land to water.
Roush, now at the controls, learns how to operate the patented reverse thrust buckets that give the Hovertrek™ its incomparable maneuverability.
Back at headquarters, Roush (center), accompanied by his wife Debbie, accepts his hovercraft pilot certification.
Even though Roush was impressed by the Neoteric hovercraft and by his training course, he and his wife were uncertain that a hovercraft was right for them. For one reason, “We don’t have a lot of water in Amarillo,” he said. “It’s not like here, where you can just bop over to the river. I guess I’m just exploring …

And that’s exactly the right reason to enroll in hovercraft training: to explore – and to save money, as well. If you decide a hovercraft is right for you, Neoteric will deduct the cost of your HTC training course from the purchase price. If not, you’ve invested very little for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that enables you to make an informed decision!

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