07 August, 2013

Ukraine's first Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart

With its massive publicity, most everyone in the world knows that Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio was the first of the world's 35,000 golf courses to own Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Carts - the official replica of Bubba's Hover. And now we have another first: Superior Golf & Spa Resort is the first golf course in Ukraine to treat its members to the latest and greatest way to glide across the greens ...

As it nears completion in the Neoteric assembly facility, custom decals are applied to the reverse thrust buckets of Superior Golf's craft:

Like every Neoteric craft, Superior Golf's Hovercraft Golf Cart undergoes performance testing on the Wabash River before being shipped to Ukraine: 

The retractable roof of the Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart makes it easy for golfers to hop in and out of the craft:

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