11 August, 2013

Hovercraft: Not just boys' toys

If you think hovercraft are only a guy thing, check this out: TrailBlazerGirl.com finds the most interesting gear and amazing getaways for adventurous women who love the outdoors … and here’s their new find:

Hovertrek by Neoteric Hovercraft

Wouldn’t it be great to zoom over land and water without changing vehicles? Well, you can with a Hovertrek by Neoteric Hovercraft. A hovercraft floats on a cushion of slightly pressurized air so that you can travel easily over a variety of surfaces – land, water, mud, sand or ice. Neoteric offers different sizes and styles of hovercraft, including side-by-side seating, reverse thrust systems for braking and maneuverability, even a four-person golf cart. As they say, it’s an “all-in-one, all-season recreational vehicle”.

But hovercraft are not only for fun-seeking females: just ask Donna Jackson, a Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff who pilots a Neoteric rescue hovercraft for Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department in Shreveport, Louisiana …

“We did a rescue after a rain of about 10 inches – people woke up to water in their living rooms. I had the whole family in the hovercraft AND their pets. That night we rescued about 27 people!” ...

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