17 October, 2018

Build your own hovercraft from a kit – the perfect family project!

Looking for something to make your time with family and friends extra special? Here’s a way to do something you’ve never done before … and then go where you’ve never gone before – while saving money!

All you need is a Neoteric Partially-assembled Hovercraft Kit and you can easily build your own hovercraft, which will let you explore and enjoy places other vehicles can’t go – over water, ice, snow, mud, sand … you name it.

It’s easy to build from a Neoteric kit hovercraft, since much of the assembly has already been done for you at our factory and our kits come with full instructions, including a DVD. It takes about 40 hours and all you need are basic workshop skills, a work area the size of a 1-car garage and common hand tools, i.e. screwdrivers, wrenches, an electric drill and a pop rivet gun.

Here’s just one example of our many customers who chose to build their own hovercraft in order to have an enjoyable experience – and save 25% off the price of a manufactured hovercraft: Nebraska resident Tim Juzyk decided to build his own 4-passenger personal hovercraft from our Model #3706 Deluxe Kit, shown here in his garage after its completion …

The capabilities of Neoteric’s reverse thrust system, along with side-by-side seating, were major factors in Tim’s decision to go with Neoteric.

And building his hovercraft was a family project.  He says, “I enjoyed working with my nephews and brother to build the hovercraft. Andy (in the photos) is one of my nephews. He’s 8 years old and he’s sure eager for a ride in the hovercraft!” ...

Following his Neoteric Hovercraft Kit’s full instructions, Tim easily installs the HoverTrek’s skirts and side-by-side seating …

Why did Tim decide he needed a hovercraft? As they are for many hovercrafters, family, friends and adventure were major factors. Tim explains, “My ranch is just a mile from the Platte River. The word “Nebraska” is derived from a Native American word that means “flat water” because of the Platte. It’s a great place for a hovercraft because it’s wide, shallow and extends for hundreds of miles. I plan to use my hovercraft mostly to explore the nearby Platte and its tributary, the Loup River, with family and friends.

And after helping his Uncle Tim build the hovercraft, Andy is ready to start hovering! …

See how to build your own hovercraft from a kit in the

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