23 January, 2018

NEW! Neoteric Hovercraft Heavy-Duty Skirts

Throughout our decades of business, one of Neoteric’s primary goals is to constantly strive to improve our products. Since the skirt system is one of the most important parts of your hovercraft, we’ve devoted great effort to developing hovercraft skirts that have greater endurance and a longer life.

For the last year, we’ve worked with Trelleborg Coated Systems, a leading global supplier of high-performance engineered coated fabrics. And we’re in good company: Trelleborg creates materials for the world’s most technologically advanced industries. For example, the composite tape that gives thermal protection to the booster rockets of VEGA (Advanced Generation European Vehicle), a launch system for commercial satellites.

Now we’re passing the benefits of this collaboration on to our customers: new heavy-duty, longer-lasting, lower-maintenance hovercraft skirts …

What will these new hovercraft skirts do for you?

These exclusive Neoteric Hovercraft skirt sets and replaceable wear sections give you:

  • Improved tear strength
  • Less surface contact resistance
  • Greater fabric flexibility over wide temperature range
  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Improved resistance to the destructive forces of hydrocarbons and sunlight
  • Superior delamination properties
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight
 All this adds up to give you increased skirt life and less maintenance. 

What makes these hovercraft skirts so superior?

Neoteric’s new skirts are made of a composite that resists the elements better than any other known material and combines the flexibility of rubber with extreme ruggedness:  chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber. Previously named Hypalon™ and originally manufactured by DuPont, CSPE is recognized for its resistance to chemicals, weather, temperature extremes, abrasion, oil and ultraviolet light.

Whether you use your hovercraft for rescue, recreation, commercial or military purposes, now there’s a way for you to better its performance, dramatically increase the life of its skirt system, and decrease your maintenance time - and this is the perfect time to do it! ...

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