23 September, 2016

Neoteric Hovercraft transports Indiana Bicentennial Torch

The signature commemorative event of the state’s 200th birthday is the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay. Patterned after the Olympic Torch Relay, Indiana’s version will pass through all 92 of the state’s counties and cover 3,200 miles over a five week period, averaging 97 miles a day.

The torch is being carried by specially chosen people, and by modes of transport that are symbolic of the heritage and history of Indiana. These include an Indy race car, antique autos, a Batmobile, farm equipment, a horse & wagon … and, of course, a Neoteric Hovercraft ...


It’s only natural that Neoteric was selected to bring the Bicentennial Torch down the Wabash River to Terre Haute. As the media have often reported, Neoteric, with its international clientele and global reputation, has put Terre Haute, Indiana on the world map. 

And, of course, a Neoteric Hovercraft always serves as a media magnet …

As the crowd gathers, the Bicentennial Torch-bearing Neoteric Hovercraft arrives ...

... and makes a smooth transition from the river up the Fairbanks Park boat ramp ...

Piloted by Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald, the hovercraft passengers were, from the left: Vigo Country Representative Elizabeth Scamihorn, Torch Manager/Guard Phil Baldwin, and Torchbearer NBC-2 Chief Meteorologist Jesse Walker ...
The Terre Haute Tribune Star interviewed Jesse Walker about his hovercraft experience: 
"It was such an honor to be nominated to do this," Walker said. "The 200-year celebration of Indiana is fantastic. And for me to get to go down the river ... I go on TV every night and talk about the weather, talk about the river. This was the first time I've been on the river to any extent."

"We traveled about five or six miles. Perfect conditions. The river was fine and Chris Fitzgerald did a great job with the hovercraft. I did get splashed a little bit. But it's been hot today, so I'm OK with that."

At Fairbanks Park, Jesse Walker passed the torch on to Blake Griffin, who carried it on his bike around the park in honor of his brother, Sgt. Dale Griffin. Dale gave his life in 2009, while serving in Operating Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan ...

The night ended with a magnificent fireworks display over the Wabash River. And now the Bicentennial Torch continues its journey through Indiana, to cover 260 cities and towns; 17 State and National Parks; 9 lakes and rivers; 27 national, state and local sites of historic significance; and 22 colleges and universities.

When the Relay concludes on October 15, the torch will be used to illuminate an everlasting light at the statehouse in Indianapolis. It will serve as an homage to Indiana's first 200 years and an inspiration for generations of Hoosiers to come.

Neoteric Hovercraft is greatly honored to have served a role in this historic event. Back in 1975, we made the decision to move our company from Australia to the USA. More than four decades later, we still feel privileged to call Terre Haute, Indiana our home.

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