19 January, 2016

A Week of Historic Hovercraft ‘Firsts’

From Washington D.C. to Arizona, this is a week of hovercraft ‘firsts’ in the U.S.

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear its first hovercraft case in history, Sturgeon v.Masica et al.

And, on a lighter side, at the Havasu Balloon Festival in Arizona, Neoteric customer Gary Meyers has discovered a brand new use for his HoverTrek™. For the first time ever, a hovercraft was used to inflate a hot air balloon. Watch the video …

We all know a Neoteric hovercraft can take you where no other vehicle can go. But now we see its usefulness covers even more territory!

But maybe this isn’t news to you ...

 Leave a comment and let us know what unusual ways you’ve used your hovercraft!

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