19 May, 2015

Want to own the SuRi Luxury Yacht hovercraft?

This Neoteric HoverTrek™ is probably the only light hovercraft in the world that has circumnavigated the globe. As one of the huge array of toys on board the luxury yacht SuRi, the craft has hovered around exotic islands throughout the South Pacific.

Now, it may not take you to Fiji but, wherever you live, this 4-passenger hovercraft is your ideal all-season, all-terrain vehicle for lake and river cruising, fishing and hunting, nature exploration, ice transportation and much more. And the carbureted 65 HP Hirth air-cooled engine is fully marinized for salt water operation. Here it is in action on the South Pacific …

This Model 1874 HoverTrek™ Deluxe with side-by-side seating has been completely refurbished by Neoteric and is in pristine condition. With only 117 hours of use, the skirts are in great condition, since the craft was used mostly over water.

This beauty is also equipped with a helicopter lifting system, so it can be lifted by crane onto other vehicles, such as yachts. Here, in Fiji, the SuRi launches the hovercraft while serving as shadow boat to the motor yacht JeMaSa …

For only $25,000, this famous HoverTrek™ is ready for more adventure. Let that adventure be yours! And, if you don’t have a yacht to tow it, a brand new trailer is available for just $2,500.

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