14 January, 2015

National Geographic TV’s “Street Genius” to feature Neoteric Hovercraft!

There's no question that hovercraft attract attention. And the media just can't get enough of the Neoteric HoverTrek™. So, move over, Bubba's Hover, because you're about to be upstaged: Neoteric customer Gary Meyers and his hovercraft (named "Neo") are starring in an upcoming episode of NatGeo TV's Street Genius - to be aired in 170 countries in 45 languages!

Enjoy a brief premiere - here's footage from the May 2014 filming at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada ...

After the filming, Gary said, "The hovercraft was the main feature of the entire episode. Tim Shaw (the show's host) rode with me on several test flights, where we spun around on Lake Las Vegas and then flew up the beach toward the cameras. On the first take, I was to run perpendicularly up the sloped beach and stop right in front of multiple TV cameras. No problem - perfect landing! We filmed this approach four separate times at my fastest possible speed and each time I landed almost exactly on the same spot."

Follow our blog posts and we'll soon give you the exact date and time of the Neoteric episode of Street Genius. Leave a comment and let us know if you plan to watch!

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