18 December, 2014

Cleveland Browns: 0 … Hovercraft Halftime Show: Touchdown!

Over the weekend, Windy Knoll Golf Club’s two Neoteric HoverGolf™ Carts were the star of the show at the Cleveland Browns-Cincinnati Bengals game at FirstEnergy Stadium. Windy Knoll was the first golf course in the U.S. to own official replicas of Bubba's Hover, Bubba Watson's BW1 hovercraft golf cart.

Steve Stafford, flight instructor at Hovercraft Training Centers, organized the hovercraft halftime show and described the action:  “At halftime, we fired up the hovercraft and flew around the field. Next, we each raced a passenger around some flags to the other end, where they got out and donned pink bunny suits,” he reported. “Then they both got back in, were hovered back to the starting point, where they each had to change bunny suits with their partner. After switching suits, both partners were flown back to the other end zone. The first one back got first choice of a gift held by each of the mascots. Both gifts were all-expense paid trips to upcoming football events.”

No fumbles in the hovercraft action! But the game itself was another story. Fans and media alike praised the hovercraft halftime show over the game.

The Wall Street Journal, in “Johnny Football Gets Deflated” wrote: “At halftime, people in pink bunny costumes raced hovercraft on the field. This was the highlight of the afternoon.”

A fan Tweeted, “Hovercraft race at halftime in Cleveland. It is approximately 400 times more interesting than the football game so far.”

The Washington Post  reported the live action, writing at halftime, “I am sure hovercraft racing at halftime will make fans forget all about what they just witnessed,” then after the game reported, “Alas, not even the hovercraft could help turn the momentum Cleveland’s way in the second half.”

In the end, the Bengals rolled past the Browns in a 30 – 0 rout. But the Neoteric HoverGolf™ Carts were a definite winner!

Enjoy a few photos below of the hovercraft scoring points …

At Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium, Windy Knoll's Neoteric HoverGolf™ Carts wait to enter the field:

In the Cleveland Browns' Dawg Pound, the hovercraft golf carts are ready for their halftime performance:

Left to right: Crew member Jody East, pilot Steve Stafford, pilot Preson Aleshire, and Cleveland Browns mascot Brownie the Elf inside the hovercraft:

Cleveland Browns mascot, Chomps, squeezes inside one of the Windy Knoll Neoteric HoverGolf™ Carts:

Touchdown! The Neoteric Hovercraft golf carts fly the race contenders during the halftime show, capturing more positive attention than the game itself:

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