08 March, 2014

Sneak preview: Hovertechnics Hovercraft for sale

The owner of a Hovertechnics Hoverstar Sportsman hovercraft has decided to upgrade to a new Neoteric HoverTrek™ and we will be taking his craft as a trade-in. Before the Sportsman goes up in our Trade-In Showroom with full details, we’re giving you a sneak preview with the photos below.

Hovertechnics, Inc. of Michigan USA is a quality manufacturer with 20 years experience. And all trade-in models offered by Neoteric undergo extensive reconditioning to assure you of a top-quality craft.

The specifications for a new model Hoverstar Sportsman can be found here. This pre-owned trade-in is on sale for only $17,000. If you’d like take advantage of this great deal on a recreational hovercraft, just email us at hovermail@neoterichovercraft.com!

If you’re looking for a way to own a hovercraft without breaking your budget,
the Neoteric Trade-In Showroom is the place to start – check in often!

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