17 February, 2014

Neoteric hovercraft rescues three helpless deer

If you haven't already watched the viral video of this touching deer rescue, now's the time to do so. James and Doug Kenison, owners of MedCity Hovercraft in Rochester, Minnesota used their Neoteric Hovertrek to rescue three exhausted deer, stranded on the ice for days on Albert Lea Lake. This father/son rescue mission, captured on their GoPro cameras, is a winter heartwarmer ...

Hovercraft are definite lifesaving assets in winter, especially in areas like Minnesota, "The Land of 10,000 Lakes." As CNN reported, "Hovercraft are kind of a genius idea here ... if you go out there with a snowmobile, you're in trouble - it doesn't hover; it's just a craft." Another journalist correctly observed, "Boats and jet skis are pretty useless on ice and snowmobiles fall through ice if it won't hold their weight. Hovercraft can fly over any surface, so they save many lives. If you fall through the ice, or get sucked into mud or quicksand, better hope someone locally has a hovercraft handy."

After all three deer were safely pulled to shore and returned to the forest, the Kenisons told Neoteric, "The lake wasn't totally frozen and we had to cross three stretches of open water to get to the deer, about three miles. Our Neoteric craft performed really well. Its reverse thrusters gave us the ability to quickly maneuver on the slippery ice; without them the rescue would have taken longer just to get the craft in the right position. And the hovercraft was the best option, due to the ice being thin in some places."

And in closing they added, "It was our honor and privilege to help these wonderful animals."

Leave a comment: How does this compare to other animal rescues you've seen?

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