19 July, 2013

Windy Knoll completes Hovercraft Golf Cart pilot training

Dave Duffey, General Manager, and Gary Price, Golf Course Superintendant at Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, traveled to Neoteric yesterday to pick up their second hovercraft golf cart and to become certified pilots at Hovercraft Training Centers headquarters. Windy Knoll holds the honor of being the first of the world's more than 35,000 golf courses to have HoverGolf Carts, the official exact replicas of Bubba's Hover.

Gary Price (left) and Dave Duffey (right) prepare for their first flight training session
in their Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart with flight instructor Chris Fitzgerald (center).
With Dave Duffey in the passenger seat, Chris Fitzgerald launches the Windy Knoll  HoverGolf Cart
on the Wabash River. Don't try this in your traditional old golf cart! ...

From the floating dock, Gary Price follows Pete Duffey's flight lesson via wireless headset.
Eager for his training session, Gary says, "I've been a boater all my life 
and I've helped build golf courses everywhere, been on every piece of equipment.
But I've always wanted to learn to fly - and this is going to satisfy that!" ...

Now in the pilot's seat, Dave Duffey quickly masters the technique for
getting a hovercraft 'over the hump' ...

Flying easily on the Wabash River, Dave appreciates
the exceptional maneuverability of Neoteric hovercraft ... 

Any concerns about the HoverGolf Cart's noise are put to rest when it's obvious that
the geese don't mind it at all. If it doesn't bother the wildlife, it isn't going to disturb golfers!

After a productive day at Hovercraft Training Centers, Dave and Gary are all set to debut their HoverGolf Carts on July 27 at the day-long, star-studded Hover Bash at Windy Knoll Golf Club. And they both agreed that training was a "very humbling experience. We can't imagine owning a hovercraft without the kind of training and technical support Neoteric offers."

And their afternoon on the river showed them the versatility of a hovercraft golf cart. It isn't just good for the greens - it's good for a river cruise or a fishing trip after that golf game. Or how about ice fishing or hovering over snow during the winter when golf courses are closed? Yes, this is the only golf cart in the world that isn't just a golf cart!

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