15 February, 2012

Do hovercraft hurt the environment?

The answer is no. The unique characteristics of the hovercraft make it one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the world. 

One of these characteristics is the hovercraft's low "footprint pressure." The pressure a hovercraft exerts on its operating surface is about 1/30th that of the human foot! The average human being standing on ground exerts a pressure of about 3 lb per square inch, and that increases to 25 lb per square inch when walking. In contrast, the average hovercraft exerts a pressure of only 0.33 lb per square inch - even less as speed increases. 

This "footprint pressure" is below that of a seagull standing on one leg! Hovercraft have literally flown over a pedestrian without inflicting harm.

A film crew from the cable network WeathTV sets up to film an illustration of how the hovercraft's environmental footprint
is so gentle that it can hover over delicate eggs without damaging them.

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