08 August, 2011

White River - Hazleton Fire Department Hovercraft Pilot Training

Firefighters from the White River-Hazleton Volunteer Fire Department, Hazleton, Indiana USA have completed their Class III Hovercraft Pilot Training at Neoteric's headquarters.

Shown here prior to their initial launch on the Wabash River in the department's six-passenger Neoteric Rescue Hovertrek are, clockwise from left: Mark Ellis, Secretary/Treasurer; Mike Ellis, Fire Chief; Capt. Stan Capobianco, Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security, Ret. Terre Haute Fire Department; and Chris Fitzgerald, President of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. ...

The department operates a dive boat, but needed the capabilities of a hovercraft to better serve the Hazleton area. Below, Chris Fitzgerald demonstrates the patented reverse thrust buckets that give Neoteric hovercraft their exceptional maneuverability - a critical asset in rescue operations ...

A day of flight training begins as Mark Ellis and Chris Fitzgerald launch the craft while Chief Ellis and Capt. Capobianco listen to the first session via headsets ...

The White River-Hazleton Volunteer Fire Department protects the main fork of the White River in southern Indiana, which drains approximately 70% of the state. The department also provides mutual aid into the state of Illinois. 

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