20 December, 2010

Neoteric Hovercraft Rescues Flood Victims

A Neoteric hovercraft played a vital role rescuing numerous victims in last week’s devastating flooding in Washington State USA, where neighborhoods along the Stillaguamish River literally became lakes. In this news video, the Snohomish Valley Volunteer Search and Rescue team’s Neoteric hovercraft, piloted by John Morton, rescues a woman from her flooded home in Granite Falls:

In flood rescue operations, hovercraft are able to access areas that other rescue vehicles can't reach. And, as this video illustrates, the Neoteric Hovertrek's unique reverse thrust system gives it maneuverability that no other hovercraft can achieve, allowing it to brake, back up and hover in place.

Snohomish County's rescue Hovertrek has for years allowed the volunteer rescue team to be the "calm in the storm" for local residents. In 2006, their hovercraft rescued hundreds of flood victims when the Stillaguamish River spilled over into neighborhoods outside of Granite Falls.

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