29 November, 2018

#TBT: Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft in action at #FDIC

Firefighters and first responders: Kick off this #ThrowbackThursday with a video of a Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft in action at last April’s Fire Department Instructors Conference. Watch how the only hovercraft with reverse thrust for braking and backing up can be critical in rescue operations. First responders, this lets you easily reach the victim without having to submerge yourself in water, ice, snow, mud, etc. …

On to the future ... Mark your calendars now so you can get off to a flying start at FDIC 2019. Come to Neoteric Demo Booth 19403 to experience a rescue hovercraft flight every half hour. This is your chance to see why your fellow #firefighters and first responders in more than 50 nations rely on Neoteric hovercraft to keep them safe and take them where no other apparatus can go.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to see firsthand why Neoteric hovercraft are recognized worldwide as the fastest, safest, easiest way to rescue water, ice, swift water, mud and flood victims. Don't miss out!