14 October, 2013

The Perfect Cure for Cabin Fever

It’s that time of year when outdoor lovers start dreading winter … that is, outdoor lovers who don’t have a hovercraft – who are getting ready to stow away their jet skis, boats, kayaks, canoes and ATVs and then hope for some snowmobile weather.

But you don’t need this whole fleet of vehicles when you have a hovercraft – it’s the only all-in-one, four-season recreational vehicle that replaces them all. What a way to save a bundle of money and guarantee year-round fun!

In a hovercraft, you fly smoothly over land; swift water; shallow or flooded or frozen rivers; sandbars; swampland; mud; snow; and even thin or broken ice – rising above it all on a cushion of air. Hovercraft are not only safer and more fuel-efficient than boats; they’ll take you places that boats and other recreational vehicles just can’t go.
A Neoteric hovercraft flies over thin and broken ice on St. Petersburg Harbor in Russia. 
Why not find out for yourself? Take a Test Flight on a Neoteric hovercraft at Hovercraft Training Centers and experience the greatest way on earth for an outdoor lover to dump the winter doldrums.

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