29 June, 2016

Neoteric Hovercraft helps Poland celebrate National Rescuers Day

June 29 is National Rescuers Day in Poland. What perfect timing that WOPR christened and launched their new Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft in Szczecin, Poland right before National Rescuers Day. Their hovercraft was purchased from Neoteric’s dealer in Poland, Tecnotek Polska, and has been named "Lifeguard 200." It is the first rescue hovercraft in Szczecin and in the region.

WOPR is an acronym for Wodne Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe, which translates to “water rescue teams and lifeguards” in English. An important nationwide organization that specializes in water rescue operations, WOPR is a member of the International Lifesaving Federation.

As always, any Neoteric Hovercraft is a media magnet, and the WOPR hovercraft is no exception - its launch attracted heavy media coverage. Here’s just one example ...

The gathering of rescuers told the media, “This Neoteric hovercraft is one of the modern rescue vehicles on the Polish market. It rises to 30 cm from the surface and is able to move on both land and water. This machine can save people under the most difficult weather conditions that prevent the use of a helicopter.”

WOPR's Jason Kleczaj said, "Regardless of the weather, our new hovercraft can fly over water, ice, mud, sand, grass or wetlands - allowing us to get to those places you can't reach either by boat or by foot."

Miroslaw Gosieniecki, Vice President of Szczecin WOPR, added, "It will allow us to save people even in winter, when water reservoirs are on ice or floe. Until now, our rescuers did not have equipment that would enable them to act in such circumstances."

A mock rescue was performed at the event in order to exhibit
the exceptional amphibious maneuverability of the Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft.
"This is the first unit of this class in Szczecin," said Mayor Piotr Krzystek. "It will be used not only in summer but mainly in winter, when access to water in traditional ways is impossible, and accidents happen even so."

In closing, he added, "We have to take care of safety on the water, because it is after all, a big part of our city. I wish you well use of your equipment and that your help always arrives in time."