30 June, 2015

Canadian family to make history in their Neoteric hovercraft

Colin Steadman of Calgary has been flying hovercraft since 2008. Now he and his family are ready to make “a dream come true” in their Neoteric hovercraft, with two adventure trips that are far above and beyond your average lake or river cruise.

In their first adventure, Colin and his family (and maybe their dog!) will embark July 11 on a two-week, 1,200+ mile trip across the province of Alberta. “It’s never been done,” Colin told CTV News. “We’re looking to see parts of Alberta that no one’s ever seen on a vehicle that no one’s ever use before. Being able to fly through dinosaur territory on a hovercraft – no one’s ever done that.

The Steadman family with their Neoteric recreational hovercraft. Left to right: 12-yr-old twins Sage and Colton,
13-yr-old Cordel; wife Ingrid and Colin. 
This trip is a trial run for their ultimate adventure: In 2016, the Steadmans plan to make history with the first cross-country hovercraft tour of Canada, across more than 6,800 miles of waterways.

But this summer’s trip is not only a warm-up for 2016. Along their way this July, the family will be raising awareness and funds for Threads of Life, an organization that supports families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents. The organization is closely tied to Colin’s employer, the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

As a certified pilot, Colin’s military hovercraft background is what first led him to hovercraft. He says, “A hovercraft really has all the characteristics of a helicopter and an airplane, but you can fly it on water, you can fly it on ice, snow, sand.”  Colin says he chose a Neoteric hovercraft because it’s the “BMW of hovercraft”. It comfortably fits his whole family and, unlike an older hovercraft he purchased, his HoverTrek is the only hovercraft on the market with reverse thrust. And, with the wisdom of an experienced pilot, he learned to fly his hovercraft at HovercraftTraining Centers.

Colin Steadman says his Neoteric HoverTrek is the “BMW of hovercraft.”
Colin has been planning these two trips for six years, and ten days from now the Steadmans’ dream will begin to come true. The kids will be responsible for navigation, fueling and cleaning the hovercraft, and they plan to take photos to create a book about their experience. The family plans to travel between four and six hours a day, rain or shine. “Only lightning could ground us,” Colin said.

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